Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rally Of Pro-Telangana Advocates To Parliament!

Approximately 5,000 advocates from Telangana region are going to take a huge rally from Hyderabad to Parliament on February 22nd to support the formation of separate Telangana.

Convener of Telangana Advocates Joint Action Committee (TAJAC) M Rajender Reddy said to the media that the advocates from Telangana regions are going to leave by special train on February 20 to New Delhi. Also the pro-Telangana political parties and legal organization in New Delhi will going to join this rally in order to submit the demand for tabling a bill on the formation of separate Telangana state.

Also, the convener said that the formation of Sri Krishna Committee by Indian Government is only an eye wash, the only solution for our problem is to produce a bill in the parliament. He also said that all the arrangements are made for this rally.

He is also a member in Bar Council Of India and condemned the AP government in restraining the popular confrontation through “violent force” and insisted immediate withdrawal of all the police forces from universities in Telangana. At the press meet, advocates released a poster which indicates the Telangana struggle and slogans.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Telangana Human Chain!

Telangana people on 3rd February 15, 2010 formed a 500 kilometers-long human chain all along the National Highway number 7 from Adilabad on the northern most tip of the region to Alampur on the borders of Kurnool district, to express their demand for a separate state.

This movement was organized by Telangana Joint Action Committee in order to pass a clear message to our Indian government that Telangana people from all the regions were participated in the movement.

This is the longest human chain in our Indian history. This is formed through five Telangana districts such as Adilabad, Nizamabad, Medak, Ranga Reddy, Hyderabad and Mehaboob Nagar.

Famous leaders who are participated in the event include: Prof Kodandaram, JAC convener, N Narasimha Reddy from TRS and P Srinivas Reddy from TDP. JAC convener Kodandaram said on this occasion that the main aim human chain is to tell there is complete unanimity among the people of the region that they want a separate state.

Students, women, government employees, workers from various political parties, youth, and many mass organizations were took part in the event. Indian government reacted to this event very much and immediately announced a committee to look into the demand for a separate Telangana and it will be headed by Justice Srikrishna.

JAC convener and various political party leaders said that they would welcome the committee only if it is meant for preparing the roadmap for Telangana state. 

JAC Demanded Telangana MLAs To Submit Resignations!

Respecting the demands of JAC, 15 MLAs out of 119 from Telangana have submitted their resignations to the speaker of Andhra Pradesh in protesting against the terms of reference of Srikrishna Committee members to look deep into the demand for separate state.

15 MLAs are from 10 TRS, 2 Congress, and one each from PRP, TDP and BJP. N Kiran Kumar Reddy, one of the Congress MLAs urged the speaker to accept the resignations with immediate effect. Before receiving the resignations, the speaker talked with every member. Also, he requested other congress MLAs to submit their resignation as early as possible. Speaker will announce his decision by today evening.

N Janardhan Reddy, TDP leader said that 27 MLAs from the city have submitted their resignations to him and the rest will submit by Monday. These letters are given to JAC convener M Kodandaram and asked him to put pressure on Congress legislators to follow suit. Unless the rest of the MLAs resigned, there won’t be any constitutional crisis and this responsibility is given to JAC convener.

We hope that some other congress leaders will submit their resignation by this evening. If this will happen, JAC will manage protests in a democratic style and not allow them to move around in their respective constituencies.

Will Srikrishna Committee Resolve Telangana Issue?

Srikrishna committee was set up by the Indian government to resolve the issue of separate Telangana state. The committee announced that the panel members will examine the demand for a separate Telangana state and also the demand for keeping united Andhra Pradesh.

It will try to evolve a framework for reaching political consensus, examine the feasibility, and go into the modalities to be worked out in this regard and the time-frame required.

The Srikrishna committee, which will bring out the outlook of different stakeholders on the problem, also it is expected to touch upon significant aspects such as sharing of water from Krishna and Godavari rivers, natural resources, the fortune of Hyderabad if separate Telangana is created, relocation of government employees, and the problem of long-term settlers from Andhra and Rayalaseema areas in Telangana regions.

This committee is not a constitutional body or the creature of any law passed by Parliament. It can only make recommendations. Power of taking any decision can only be with the state and union governments, state legislature and parliament.